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We are proud to present out sponsored Evo X MR  piloted by: John Torres of Import2race

John does it again getting some sick times at Englishtown NJ. He managed to get a 12.3 in the 1/4 mile In the EVO X MR still with a stock turbo a stage 2 cobb and basic bolt ons! Way to go John never lets us down at the drag strip! 

We met John Torres in no other better place then at the track itself. As we came to realize John is a hard core racer always looking to see what east coast racing event he can get himself into. We here at are happy to have him aboard as he is winning 1st 2nd and 3rd place victories back to back in auto cross to numerous drag racing events and time attack events!. John is also sponsored by South side performance in which they have equipped their transmission cooler for the Evo X MR. It has 100% eliminated the small heat gremlin that the car had during circuit battles. 

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