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Its a Cheetah

Posted by fueledmag on January 14, 2018 at 10:10 PM

So yes at first glance I had no Idea what car this was but I instantly fell in love with its aggressive wheel and tire set up and its exotic beautiful body lines. Although I thought it was some sort of late model cobra I was not to far off. It turns out this is a classic 1960's Chevy Cheetah. This has got to be one of the coolest cars I was able to shoot I was lucky to get a capture of it before it disappeared. Hopefully I will get to see this car again this summer. Exotic legends held a great charity event at The Refuge with some awesome cars ,great car enthusiasts and awesome food all while giving back to those who need our help and giving us a chance to contribute and help as well.

Vipermaro by MillerAutomotive

Posted by fueledmag on August 3, 2014 at 3:20 PM

At first glance you would not believe this is anything more then just another well kept 1968 Chevy Camaro. But a trained car enthusiasts to even a Camaro owner who's has had a flat tire once or twice would notice that this car has six lugs. Wait... six lugs? Yes that's right six now why would that be you may ask well first off those are dodge viper wheels as well as Dodge Viper Badges all around the car. Hmmmm to make a long story short. It was a saturday afternoon at the shop and we were all just working on our cars I was cutting fenders Marino and T was spray painting his bumper guards on his Jeep commuter. All of a sudden Moe Khan owner of Petrolwerks runs into the shop and screams " Guys guys drop what you are doing come quick Moses grab your camera"  Of course we thought he was just pulling out leg and we doubted there was anything this worthy. As we head outside with him expecting a prank. We notice a camaro. ok?   it's well kept very nice lets see how good but then we noticed something different about the stance looks tough as I continued to walk towards the car I notice the badges as well as John the owner opening the hood to reveal the viper v10 swap. Good Lord! wow!!  Not only is it an engine swap the entire chassis is of the viper engine subframe suspension and wheels. basically just threw the camaro cover over a dodge viper. What an amazing car by MIller Automotive the fabrication is awesome. The driver and passenger seat in the interior were pushed back futher as the engine now needed more room. 

Front dash was removed and a new dash was fabricated to fit custom gauges. Its not everyday you run into something like this and at first look you can't believe what you are looking at and that someone actually built one and pulled it off this awesome. 

Gumball3000 NYC

Posted by fueledmag on June 11, 2014 at 4:45 PM

So I was running so late and thought I would not make it to see any of the Gumball3000 runners. Something told me its never too late get down there so I made my way into the city and caught Team Wolf Pack still chilling on the streets of New York with Shmee150 (Tim) in the ShmeeMobile 700Hp GTR owned by Jimmy. Also saw Deadmau5 ferrari and more but the night was ending and everyone starting heading to there parties and rooms for the night. 

2014 Bullrun

Posted by fueledmag on June 11, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Petrolwerks/FueledMag BullRun 2014 from Mind!Control Entertainment 


Good Times and great people!! FUELEDmag and Petrolwerks get together once again and become rally participants in the 2014 BULLRUN challenge. Although we did not do the entire tour we did make it to the first leg of the run from NYC Times Square to the first stop at Cape May in the tip of New Jersey just into PA. The morning started off awesome we meet up at the spot and saw some of the contestants already parked over night  as well Tminus who was early as well with his CRX. Petorlwerks brought his Shelby GT500 and we came in the 350z. we eagerly awaited for the Bullrun team to arrive with our decals. Once they got there we got our stickers and started covering the cars. We were not told the address to the first check point till last minute. After an awesome hour or so of taking pictures, talking with fellow car enthusiasts and a celebritiy visit from Ice T in his Custom Mercedes we were ready to start the rally.

We started our engines the destination was given to use and we took off into TimeSquare after an awesome drive thru the city we headed to the lincoln tunnel what an awesome feeling it is to be in such rally with great cars reving and driving alongside one another. Team Petrolwerks was right infront of us While PrideMotorsports and their white R34 followed behind. bond by the rules of the tunnel I was able to hang on to my spot till we exited the tunnel and Pride Motorsports and the rest the drivers began separating the gap between us. Once they were no longer in sight on the Turnpike we missed our exit and had to take an alternate route. which took us thru some back roads . We thought for sure we would be dead last now till we got the call from team petrolwerks ahead that there was an accident on the highway and that the drivers were sure to bump into it.

This was our chance. Once we got back on route. We see a glimps of the Bullrun team PhoneHUB in the lime Green Lambo catching up behind us and flying by we knew then that we did great time! unfortunatly BullRun is all about navigation and the address on the ticket was a trick. Ourselves and some other bullrunners ended up going 40 minutes in the wrong direction before realizing we had to turn back. Other then that we had an awesome time stopped by some cool spots at Cape May eat great food and started heading back home. Wish we coud have kept going on the tour maybe next year we will participate in the entire tour but for now this was awesome.

Check out this quick video from MindControl Entertainment of our launch from Time Square.

Petrolwerks/FueledMag BullRun 2014 from Mind!Control Entertainment on Vimeo.



FUELEDmag/Petrolwerks LS240 at ReadySetDrift

Posted by fueledmag on June 11, 2014 at 2:40 PM


We had an awesome time at Lime Rock park for this years Ready Set Drift event. Alex just got his new knuckles on was dying to finally get some seat time. We started the trip early since the day before Alex Flores got the car ready and had it on the truck by the time I reached them on friiday night. We were excited and since it was just only a 3 hour drive we decided to leave around 2am in case we hit traffic. After a long drive listening to EDM music we finally arrive at the track so early that we were not allowed in yet. We meet with the flipzco team in the parking lot and waited till it was time. Finally an hour before we are to be let in Michael Lukaszewicz shows up and greets us. after he gets things ready we are finally let in. We settled in unloaded the car , walked the track during drivers and media meeting and then it was time to drift!!!  Alex wasted no time got right into it and he did great. Alex drift skills have increased rapidly. We are very proud and excited for him. Petrolwerks recent got a visit from Ryan Tuerck (pro Formula drift competitor) during his time there Tuerck checked out the LS240 and took it for a spin. He also took and post a video on his instagram of Alex drifting around him. To many that might not be a big deal but for us and Alex it was a huge acceptance to the drift world. We are proud of Ryan and his success with retaks FRS he is our hometown hero but having him meet and drift Alex's LS240 was a great stepping stone as well as a big motivational push for Alex for that we thank him. We are now landing sponsors like Renegadelife and Replayxd. We also Justin of Flipzco and he was very impressed with Alex performance and will be looking to add us to their squad beginning of next year. things are looking up so stay tuned for more. 

Krista and Blue

Posted by fueledmag on June 11, 2014 at 2:05 PM


It's been a very long time since we last spent some time with our long time friend Krista Elyse. So the moment we heard she was going to be in our area I could not resist! We had to go visit her and see what's new and trust us she is still the same awesome Krista we know and met years ago but she had some surprises for us. I remember when we first spent some quality time with Krista back at CBRD speedfactory in our friends Chads shop. She was very enthusiastic as she still is about cars and modeling. Krista at the time was focusing on Modeling but had a strong desire to get more involved in motorsports. Krista owned a colbalt back then and when we saw her now with this new supercharged Mustang I was blown away. She is now married and her and Charlie are dedicating themselves to making Krista a track regular. They were at englishtown and due to weather conditions they were not able to race there the following day while at island dragway the weather cleared up giving us a hot 80 degree day. Krista's popularity in the mustang community has increased and she is pretty well known from photoshoots , to interviews , shows and parties  as a matter of fact Krista and her crew (Her husband Charlie and friend Vince) were currently shooting a small automotive mini series show at Island at the time and we are very happy and proud of her. We were happy to see her and give her some Fueledmag Swag! here is  a shot of Krista next to her supercharged mustang beast while on the staging lanes. Krista managed to squeeze in 3 runs during filming. We will have more of Krista soon stay tuned. 

GetitDetailed gets it done right every time.

Posted by fueledmag on April 2, 2014 at 11:35 AM

Had the honor to work with Joe of Getitdetailed on this awesome project. Alex owner of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia sought out Joe after hearing of his work from word of mouth of other satisfied costumers to not only wash and properly clean the car but to remove unwanted swirls and imprefections that have been done to the paint during the 2 plus years of ownership. This is a beautiful car to drive, listen to and to look at but to the trained eye it was not perfectly detailed as it should be this is where Getitdetailed comes in. Not only is Joe a legitamate company who stands by his work and products he is also certified to use them. This is why these companies trust Joe in using and appying them to cars of this stature. Joe is so enthusiastic about detailing and his end results that he is always looking to get the best and newest cleaning and protective products for his clients. After all the cleaning work is completed to this Ferrari he will apply a glass coating protectant all around the car to ensure that this car continues to look and shine great. For more info on Joe and his detailing  visit him here or call (347) 666-5948 and ask for Joe Get It Detailed. enjoy and #stayglossymyfriends. 

VitaminC Sufficient

Posted by fueledmag on January 20, 2014 at 8:30 PM

When William Blanco contacted me about a calendar project he had in mind I found it pretty awesome. Thats exactly what the east coast needs but when he told me he has chosen me to join a dozen other great pthotographers for the project I was thrown back. It was to me an honor to work along side or even be considered. Photographers from Sntrl, Canibeat and other locals who have been putting out amazing car photography were carefully selected I mean... these are some photographers I learned from and that  I too look up to. We all started working on the cars that were chosen for us.  I was chosen for the month of October and was blessed to shoot Billy Riaz Orange G37 aka Vitamin C. Sitting on an air suspension, a set of Black plasti-dipped Vossen wheels, a sick pair of costume headlights  and a fresh coat of paint done by WDUltimate this car was screaming for a photoshoot! I picked a remote location near the Petrolwerks shop in long island in the back lot strip and did a night shot of this car to bring out the October/Holloween type feel of the month. If you look closely at the image you may see the shadows of dead souls approaching from the rear. Although this is not the photo chosen for the calendar (a better photo ) we wanted to show you what went down and this awesome slammed G. Stay tuned as we keep you posted on the release of the calendar. I would like to thank Billy, Willaim , Alex and Moe for all the help they gave me during this shoot. 


Posted by fueledmag on January 20, 2014 at 8:15 PM

After the sad news that one of our very own car enthusiasts Paul Walker and the accident that led to his death at his Reach Out World Wide charity event fellow car enthusaists around the world have come together and held meets to honor our fallen icon. The Uhhdope team and 631 coating  decided to open their doors and have a Fast and Furious movie marathon while at the same time have some of the locals come down and bring their cars. I only found it fitting to bring some tuna no crust sandwiches to the meet. Great people cool cars , food and movies playing on the projector made for an awesome time and remembrance. Here is a picture of the newly wrapped aventador that came into the meet with fast and furious movie song blasting. From all of us we say thank you Paul Walker aka Brian O'conner for what you have given to all of us car junkies, R.I.P Paul... you have earned your respect.