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Posted by fueledmag on August 26, 2013 at 11:50 PM

Wekfest 2013 in New Jersey is here and just when you think William Blanco has set up an amazing jaw dropping BRZ. he goes ahead and makes it even better. This is what I'm talking about only a week left for Wekfest and he cramed in the late hours trying to get this new Varis kit installed and ready for the show. Then to top it off he adds these beautiful very rare Advans.wheels Big shout outs to him and Ravspec for this ride that is SoFresh indeed!!! Congrats for taking the trophy for the day!!  

SNTRL's VERSUS meet 2013

Posted by fueledmag on July 8, 2013 at 9:00 AM

SNTRL's versus meet was incredible its good to see the old school vs the new school going at it. Legendary cars from a 69 fairlady to this NSX you see above were battling it out. Old school Subaru, Toyota corolla's celicas supras,old school Nissan Z's /Datsuns,Mazda Rx7's , Mitsubishi 3000gt's  to the new school EVO X's Scion FRS Hyundai Genesis, Lambos on D2 wheels, Trex RHD S2K's  Just to name a few. check out the galleries for more.


JDM Nation car wash meet

Posted by fueledmag on July 7, 2013 at 5:00 PM

Washing cars is no easy task. In hot weather like what we have been experiencing lately its even harder so the guys at JDM nation, shiftingshorties and Powerhouse decided to get  car wash meet with some ladies going and many came out to support and have the cars wash by the ladies. It's always good to help out those in the car community that are they to help others! FUELEDmag Team Salomone were there with the FUELEDmag350z and the always winning AVENTADOR! (below) here is Michael Wang getting his pedalvan scrubed and cleaned (above). 

Island Import Day 2013

Posted by fueledmag on June 29, 2013 at 9:30 AM

We caught up with our friend Vittorio and his new graduation present this honda civic Si with some yummy looking Volk TE37SL's at this years Island Import Day at Baldhill longisland. The parking lot was full of cars, vendors, bikes, rukus, food and even a limbo contest. The sun was out blazing and some of us hid under tents but eventually ventured out we could not resist the urge to see awesome cars. Big shout out to tom, the Blizzard camaro team and his family for continuing to support the troops and the car community. As well as other awesome vendors Just to name a few like  our friends JDM Geek, SNTRL, Mixedconcepts,TachMotorWorks, ECT and the gumball gang, Streetsourlife and the ShiftinShortie girls who have been poping up everywhere. And last but not least big shout out to our friends Streetwheels for making it all posstible and letting us come and participate in their event! awesome job guys. Remeber to visit our galleries for more of this and other events

RealTimeAttack June 8th NJMP

Posted by fueledmag on June 15, 2013 at 9:10 PM

RealTimeAttack starts again 2013 with its first event on June 8th at NJMP's Thunderbolt track our sanctioned body NARRA once again pulls off an amazing day of safe and exciting racing. Although the wet weather condirions made the track slippery at times very wet then dry again our time attack pro's took it head on and manage to pulls some great times over all and even finishing top in the NARRA competitions congrats to them all. (above Scott Mciver of Kaizen tuning taking a rest during runs patiently awaiting he turn back on the track) 

Petrolwerks Evo X GSR project has begun

Posted by fueledmag on May 19, 2013 at 12:45 AM

When Jason Liang bought his Evo X GSR he wasn't sure on the direction we was going to go with it. Jason was sure about one thing he would have his car worked on by our friends as Petrolwerks in longisland. Although the car is not fully completed  here is an image of us just hanging out in Brooklyn New York. We scouted the area and although there was a huge spiderman movie being filmed we still were able to snatch up a sweet spot to take this photo. We invited our beautiful model Nicole and the rest is well... you get the idea. It's always awesome to head out and snap some photos in the great city of New York. More photos coming soon to our gallery section. Remember to leave a comment , share this on your social networks and spread the word! 

Customizing your Subaru SMY style!

Posted by fueledmag on May 16, 2013 at 8:20 PM

Want something different in your interior? Well offers rear difusers ,cluster's, gauge pods JDM engine start buttons and so much more for all your Subaru needs. In fact they can even wrap them in suade, leather or even dip them in something called Hydrographic printing as you see here. Check out our gallery section for more photos on this process or visit and see what they have to offer.


Posted by fueledmag on May 6, 2013 at 5:05 PM


Rescue Ink and lowered Congress join forces and bring us CincoDeSlamo. why that name for a car meet? Without having to ask it's pretty simple they held the event on May 5th which everyone calls "Cinco de Mayo" (Huge celebration for all mexicans and their victory over the french army against unlogical odds) In a nutshell this is a meet with slammed cars so they called it CincoDeSlamo and slammed cars are what gathered there that day. We will have more on this soon check in on the galleries soon.  

Western Omelette with cinnamon toast and Hot cars for breakfast!!! YUM!

Posted by fueledmag on April 21, 2013 at 2:40 PM

What's a perfect morning to you? Well to me its the sound of exotic cars on the highway! We had a great time meeting up with all of our friends that we constantly chat with on facebook and our other social sites. There is nothing like being there in person and seeing the beauty that is our automotive lifestyle! More photos coming soon but for now here is a teaser of our friends over at TeamSalamone with one of their Lambo's and of course the super hot Concubine posing for our camera! special thanks to everyone who made this day possible Mark P for letting me know and Nick Frank of Synergy Detailing and Service Advisor at Nardy Honda for the awesome meet up! More to come stay tuned. 

Spring Moves Alex to Clubloose event

Posted by fueledmag on April 1, 2013 at 10:45 PM

Alex Flores finally takes it to the track during Clubloose Spring Moves 2013 in his Petrolwerks built 240 with an Ls6 V8 Monster pushing around 400hp. Alex has been a big help here at FUELEDmag and RealTimeAttack for some time now and we are very proud to see him on the track doing what he loves. We caught up with Alex and asked him a couple questions.  For the full interview check out the galleries. Congrats to him and Petrolwerks for getting this beast ready for some drifting this summer.