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VitaminC Sufficient

Posted by fueledmag on January 20, 2014 at 8:30 PM

When William Blanco contacted me about a calendar project he had in mind I found it pretty awesome. Thats exactly what the east coast needs but when he told me he has chosen me to join a dozen other great pthotographers for the project I was thrown back. It was to me an honor to work along side or even be considered. Photographers from Sntrl, Canibeat and other locals who have been putting out amazing car photography were carefully selected I mean... these are some photographers I learned from and that  I too look up to. We all started working on the cars that were chosen for us.  I was chosen for the month of October and was blessed to shoot Billy Riaz Orange G37 aka Vitamin C. Sitting on an air suspension, a set of Black plasti-dipped Vossen wheels, a sick pair of costume headlights  and a fresh coat of paint done by WDUltimate this car was screaming for a photoshoot! I picked a remote location near the Petrolwerks shop in long island in the back lot strip and did a night shot of this car to bring out the October/Holloween type feel of the month. If you look closely at the image you may see the shadows of dead souls approaching from the rear. Although this is not the photo chosen for the calendar (a better photo ) we wanted to show you what went down and this awesome slammed G. Stay tuned as we keep you posted on the release of the calendar. I would like to thank Billy, Willaim , Alex and Moe for all the help they gave me during this shoot. 

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