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GetitDetailed gets it done right every time.

Posted by fueledmag on April 2, 2014 at 11:35 AM

Had the honor to work with Joe of Getitdetailed on this awesome project. Alex owner of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia sought out Joe after hearing of his work from word of mouth of other satisfied costumers to not only wash and properly clean the car but to remove unwanted swirls and imprefections that have been done to the paint during the 2 plus years of ownership. This is a beautiful car to drive, listen to and to look at but to the trained eye it was not perfectly detailed as it should be this is where Getitdetailed comes in. Not only is Joe a legitamate company who stands by his work and products he is also certified to use them. This is why these companies trust Joe in using and appying them to cars of this stature. Joe is so enthusiastic about detailing and his end results that he is always looking to get the best and newest cleaning and protective products for his clients. After all the cleaning work is completed to this Ferrari he will apply a glass coating protectant all around the car to ensure that this car continues to look and shine great. For more info on Joe and his detailing  visit him here or call (347) 666-5948 and ask for Joe Get It Detailed. enjoy and #stayglossymyfriends. 

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