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Vipermaro by MillerAutomotive

Posted by fueledmag on August 3, 2014 at 3:20 PM

At first glance you would not believe this is anything more then just another well kept 1968 Chevy Camaro. But a trained car enthusiasts to even a Camaro owner who's has had a flat tire once or twice would notice that this car has six lugs. Wait... six lugs? Yes that's right six now why would that be you may ask well first off those are dodge viper wheels as well as Dodge Viper Badges all around the car. Hmmmm to make a long story short. It was a saturday afternoon at the shop and we were all just working on our cars I was cutting fenders Marino and T was spray painting his bumper guards on his Jeep commuter. All of a sudden Moe Khan owner of Petrolwerks runs into the shop and screams " Guys guys drop what you are doing come quick Moses grab your camera"  Of course we thought he was just pulling out leg and we doubted there was anything this worthy. As we head outside with him expecting a prank. We notice a camaro. ok?   it's well kept very nice lets see how good but then we noticed something different about the stance looks tough as I continued to walk towards the car I notice the badges as well as John the owner opening the hood to reveal the viper v10 swap. Good Lord! wow!!  Not only is it an engine swap the entire chassis is of the viper engine subframe suspension and wheels. basically just threw the camaro cover over a dodge viper. What an amazing car by MIller Automotive the fabrication is awesome. The driver and passenger seat in the interior were pushed back futher as the engine now needed more room. 

Front dash was removed and a new dash was fabricated to fit custom gauges. Its not everyday you run into something like this and at first look you can't believe what you are looking at and that someone actually built one and pulled it off this awesome. 

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