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Toys For Tots 2013

Posted by fueledmag on December 15, 2013 at 10:35 PM

The 3rd Annual Toys for tots event comes again to give tons of toys to those kids who are less fortunate. Many tuners and car enthusiasts came together and gathered as many toys and goodies they can pack into their sportscars. This was my first time at one of these it was a bit cold but of course that didn't stop any of us from coming out. Groups met in many different areas before arriving here at the Ferrari/Masarati of long island where we all fill 3 to 4 trucks full of toys from back to front. Best of all we got to meet and greet with our favorite friends and car celebs like this amazing Bugatti brought down to us by Benjiman Chen which we don't see this car everyday (well I don't anyway) so it was a pleasure to see it out. alongside Scandal the new Team Salamone Aventador. There so many sick amazing cars there that day. This event I heard was one of the biggest so far and we expect next year to be even bigger. Toys for Tots will continue to grow with the help of our fellow car enthusiasts way to go guys!

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