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Krista and Blue

Posted by fueledmag on June 11, 2014 at 2:05 PM


It's been a very long time since we last spent some time with our long time friend Krista Elyse. So the moment we heard she was going to be in our area I could not resist! We had to go visit her and see what's new and trust us she is still the same awesome Krista we know and met years ago but she had some surprises for us. I remember when we first spent some quality time with Krista back at CBRD speedfactory in our friends Chads shop. She was very enthusiastic as she still is about cars and modeling. Krista at the time was focusing on Modeling but had a strong desire to get more involved in motorsports. Krista owned a colbalt back then and when we saw her now with this new supercharged Mustang I was blown away. She is now married and her and Charlie are dedicating themselves to making Krista a track regular. They were at englishtown and due to weather conditions they were not able to race there the following day while at island dragway the weather cleared up giving us a hot 80 degree day. Krista's popularity in the mustang community has increased and she is pretty well known from photoshoots , to interviews , shows and parties  as a matter of fact Krista and her crew (Her husband Charlie and friend Vince) were currently shooting a small automotive mini series show at Island at the time and we are very happy and proud of her. We were happy to see her and give her some Fueledmag Swag! here is  a shot of Krista next to her supercharged mustang beast while on the staging lanes. Krista managed to squeeze in 3 runs during filming. We will have more of Krista soon stay tuned. 

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