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FUELEDmag/Petrolwerks LS240 at ReadySetDrift

Posted by fueledmag on June 11, 2014 at 2:40 PM


We had an awesome time at Lime Rock park for this years Ready Set Drift event. Alex just got his new knuckles on was dying to finally get some seat time. We started the trip early since the day before Alex Flores got the car ready and had it on the truck by the time I reached them on friiday night. We were excited and since it was just only a 3 hour drive we decided to leave around 2am in case we hit traffic. After a long drive listening to EDM music we finally arrive at the track so early that we were not allowed in yet. We meet with the flipzco team in the parking lot and waited till it was time. Finally an hour before we are to be let in Michael Lukaszewicz shows up and greets us. after he gets things ready we are finally let in. We settled in unloaded the car , walked the track during drivers and media meeting and then it was time to drift!!!  Alex wasted no time got right into it and he did great. Alex drift skills have increased rapidly. We are very proud and excited for him. Petrolwerks recent got a visit from Ryan Tuerck (pro Formula drift competitor) during his time there Tuerck checked out the LS240 and took it for a spin. He also took and post a video on his instagram of Alex drifting around him. To many that might not be a big deal but for us and Alex it was a huge acceptance to the drift world. We are proud of Ryan and his success with retaks FRS he is our hometown hero but having him meet and drift Alex's LS240 was a great stepping stone as well as a big motivational push for Alex for that we thank him. We are now landing sponsors like Renegadelife and Replayxd. We also Justin of Flipzco and he was very impressed with Alex performance and will be looking to add us to their squad beginning of next year. things are looking up so stay tuned for more. 

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