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2014 Bullrun

Posted by fueledmag on June 11, 2014 at 3:15 PM

Petrolwerks/FueledMag BullRun 2014 from Mind!Control Entertainment 


Good Times and great people!! FUELEDmag and Petrolwerks get together once again and become rally participants in the 2014 BULLRUN challenge. Although we did not do the entire tour we did make it to the first leg of the run from NYC Times Square to the first stop at Cape May in the tip of New Jersey just into PA. The morning started off awesome we meet up at the spot and saw some of the contestants already parked over night  as well Tminus who was early as well with his CRX. Petorlwerks brought his Shelby GT500 and we came in the 350z. we eagerly awaited for the Bullrun team to arrive with our decals. Once they got there we got our stickers and started covering the cars. We were not told the address to the first check point till last minute. After an awesome hour or so of taking pictures, talking with fellow car enthusiasts and a celebritiy visit from Ice T in his Custom Mercedes we were ready to start the rally.

We started our engines the destination was given to use and we took off into TimeSquare after an awesome drive thru the city we headed to the lincoln tunnel what an awesome feeling it is to be in such rally with great cars reving and driving alongside one another. Team Petrolwerks was right infront of us While PrideMotorsports and their white R34 followed behind. bond by the rules of the tunnel I was able to hang on to my spot till we exited the tunnel and Pride Motorsports and the rest the drivers began separating the gap between us. Once they were no longer in sight on the Turnpike we missed our exit and had to take an alternate route. which took us thru some back roads . We thought for sure we would be dead last now till we got the call from team petrolwerks ahead that there was an accident on the highway and that the drivers were sure to bump into it.

This was our chance. Once we got back on route. We see a glimps of the Bullrun team PhoneHUB in the lime Green Lambo catching up behind us and flying by we knew then that we did great time! unfortunatly BullRun is all about navigation and the address on the ticket was a trick. Ourselves and some other bullrunners ended up going 40 minutes in the wrong direction before realizing we had to turn back. Other then that we had an awesome time stopped by some cool spots at Cape May eat great food and started heading back home. Wish we coud have kept going on the tour maybe next year we will participate in the entire tour but for now this was awesome.

Check out this quick video from MindControl Entertainment of our launch from Time Square.

Petrolwerks/FueledMag BullRun 2014 from Mind!Control Entertainment on Vimeo.



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